It was really exciting for us to prepare the most romantic expression of love for Serge and Kate – a Secret proposal at Cedars Mount View in Hunter Valley.  Just imagine, Kate comes for a usual date getaway – or what she thinks it is – and gets in a fairy world with magic lights and candles hanging from the tree and romantic music playing around and making everything look like a dream even more. And then Serge stands on one knee and asks Kate to spend the rest of her life with him. Kate loves him so much that can`t hold the tears of happiness. Without any doubt she says “Yes!” and Serge puts a beautiful engagement ring on her finger.  Helena Santi Photography team arranged everything to make this happen. We have worked on the proposal idea, chose the best place to propose in Sydney, arranged lights, candles, romantic music. And of course, we made photos that will keep the couple`s memories of this moment fresh and which they will show to their children and grandchildren. Now they already have a lovely little baby Eva.  If you are searching for proposal packages in Sydney or proposal photographers in Sydney we will be more than happy to organize the event and create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere so your beloved one did not have any other choice than to say “Yes!”.
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