Not yet seen the sunrise sun is coloring the Balmoral beach waters, the sand and natural rocks with tender warm colors. The baby is waiting for its arrival to the beautiful and loving world and, the same as the uprising sun, it is already filling the hearts and faces of its soon-to-be parents with joy and happiness.  Natasha and Felix are floating in love to each other and their upcoming baby. We really enjoyed taking pictures of them because they shared their lively joy, were opened to expressing their feelings and looked incredibly beautiful in their happiness.  The location for the photoshoot that we chose was the Balmoral beach – the suburb of Mosman. It was a perfect fit among other Sydney photography spots for our maternity photography idea – of a new wonderful life that is about to start.  We are happy to congratulate a splendid couple of Natasha and Felix with their blessed son Roman that was born soon after this pregnancy photo shoot. He is strong, charming and beautiful – just as his parents are. And we are sure that he will shine brighter that the sun above the Balmoral beach.  If you are expecting a blessed baby yourself, we will be excited to prepare for you wonderful maternity photography ideas in Sydney and make a beautiful photo shoot that will become a memorable and important day of you blissful pregnancy
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maternity-photoshoot-sydney (4).jpg
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maternity-photoshoot-sydney (5).jpg
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maternity-photography-sydney (2).jpg
maternity-photography-sydney (3).jpg
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maternity-photoshoot-dresses-sydney (5).jpg
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pregnancy-photography-sydney (5).jpg
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