Young, passionate, hot – Arsen and Rena were a great couple to work with at the intimate photoshoot in Sydney. They work as fire dancers, and their blood is full of fire towards each other – as you can see in pictures. They didn't hesitate to follow my instructions, were relaxed and had a great time creating a new love memory for themselves.  Boudoir professional photo shoot is generally a great present idea for a couple anniversary, St. Valentine’s day or some memorable date. It definitely feels risky and inappropriate. But my huge experience as a Sydney boudoir photographer helps me to make the process and the photos charming, attractive, seductive. It is never vulgar. I see the beauty of the man`s and a woman`s body and show it in photos.  If you worry about the process, then be prepared that it will go easier than you expect. You will stop being shy after a couple of minutes and start to enjoy your body. It is inevitable, and it is why a lot of my clients come back for more boudoir photos – not only with their lovers but by themselves. They enjoy the openness, the process of admiration of their bodies and the results. Then they give their pictures as presents to their partners afterward.  Contact me, if you feel the interest to have boudoir pictures with your partner or along. Or if you want to give such a photoshoot as a present.
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