I sincerely admire those moms who manage to spend fruitful time with their kids, work and look beautiful all at the same time. That must be the result of their strong and loving personality which overcomes all life difficulties and brings the most amazing results to their lives.  The stunningly beautiful woman that you see on these photos is one of them. Natalia managed to raise two smart, funny and handsome boys – Peter and Dominick – with whom I totally fell in love with during the photo shoot. They have opened and kind smiles, infectious laughter, they helped and supported each other, showed themselves as loving brothers and sons. I can't imagine this unbelievable wisdom of Natalia who helped her kids to develop the best sides of their characters.  My clients always inspire me. And I hope that one day I will be able to become one of such moms myself – to balance raising the kids, continue my work as a photographer in Sydney.  The location for this family photo shoot was Centennial Park. It is one of the greatest spots in Sydney for baby and family photography. If you feel like enjoying this place, we will be happy to suggest you inspiring photo ideas and organize a photo shoot for you and your family.
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Family-photo-shoot-sydney (5).jpg
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Family-photo-shoot-sydney (6).jpg
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family-photographer-wollongong (5).jpg
family-photographer-campbelltown (4).jpg
centennial-park-photoshoot (1).jpg
family-photographer-sydney (2).jpg
family-photographer-campbelltown (5).jpg
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Family-photo-shoot-sydney (1).jpg
family-photographer-sutherland-shire (5).jpg
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centennial-park-photoshoot (2).jpg
family-photographer-campbelltown (6).jpg
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family-photographer-campbelltown (7).jpg
family-photographer-campbelltown (1).jpg
Family-photo-shoot-sydney (2).jpg
centennial-park-photoshoot (3).jpg
centennial-park-photoshoot (4).jpg
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Family-photo-shoot-sydney (3).jpg
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