A couple of words about how I LO-O-OVE multicultural Australia  One of my greatest pleasures as the photographer is to capture a great deal of different people, faces, emotions, ideas, occasions. I really enjoy the diversity, every shoot for me is an adventure!  That is why Australia - and Sydney in particular - is the best place for me to be right now. The country is full of people who come here from all around the globe. That is why I witness a whole scope of traditions, different ways of showing emotions, different families and different ways of thinking. Being a family photographer here, in Sydney – is all I could have asked for!
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 Anyway, I will stop yammering on about myself and get straight to the heroes of this insanely lovely family photo shoot in Sydney that I made recently. This Asian family was absolutely incredible – loving, honest, open and intimate. When I write intimate I mean that I literally felt how close they are to each other, how tender and attached. Their kids are kind-hearted, smiley and happy – as the whole family is.  Guys, thank you for going along with my ideas and prompt!  I need to finish this post by saying a massive thank you for allowing me to capture this amazing atmosphere and closeness of your family. You are the best!!
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family-photographer-sydney (7).jpg
baby-photographer-sydney (4).jpg
baby-photographer-sydney (5).jpg
centennial-park-photoshoot (7).jpg
centennial-park-photoshoot (6).jpg
family-photographer-wollongong (1).jpg
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family-photographer-wollongong (4).jpg
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baby-photographer-sydney (2).jpg
family-photographer-sydney (4).jpg
baby-photographer-sydney (3).jpg
family-photographer-northern-beaches (5).jpg
baby-photographer-sydney (1).jpg
family-photographer-wollongong (2).jpg
family-photographer-northern-beaches (2).jpg
family-photographer-sydney (3).jpg
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