Ever wondered what drives your child’s behavior? makes them feel worried or excited, sad or happy? sure, there are a lot of possible reasons, but the main one that forms their core behavior is YOUR OWN BEHAVIOR. Exciting, isn't it?  I remember how I met Yuna and Vitaliy for the first time. Straight away you feel surrounded by the positive energy of this family. They are both calm, happy, enjoy spending time with each other and with their little one - baby Lia. She takes after them – calm and absolutely lovely. She stayed patient during the photo shoot, always smiling naturally and enjoying the process. Looking at her parents, I understand why she behaves like that. These kind of kids are very easy to work with.  We have worked with a lot of kids, all with their different characters - ones that are super shy, the ones that can't sit still for even one moment and so on. We have special treats and know how to make them laugh and look natural on camera - you can totally rely on us. But I would like to share some advice, based on my experience working with kids during photo shoots and attentively catching the pieces of wisdom from their parents.  Your reaction when the kid is acting up is a great parenting tool because no matter how strong the connection is between you and your child, they are learning from you – about relationship, emotions, reactions and how to be happy. So, the best way to prepare your child for a photo session is not to make a big deal about it. Treat it as a family fun day with games, dress-ups and sweets. Photographers are not just a strangers with a cameras, we are part of the fun program.  Honestly, we don't need your kids to be well behaved during the session, we need them to be themselves. Relaxed and enjoying the process. The same goes for you too.  Easier said than done, right? Most of people feel a little bit tense in front of the camera. You are not alone. For that reason we have the first 15 minutes of the photo shoot, so you can relax and be shy for all 15 minutes. And then..... time to shine! Or actually time to forget that there is a camera around and just enjoy yourself and your family.  Remember that even the camera can see if you are worried, and also your baby. So let's enjoy a family day photo session in Sydney. And I can guarantee your images will be exactly how you want them. Unique, candid, real.
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