What is the real happiness?   I think everything in our life is dedicated to reaching happiness. I became a photographer because it makes me happy. I chose to live in Sydney because this city is filling me with tingling happiness. I chose my partner cause I feel happy around him.  But I can't stop but wonder what happiness is for other people. Some of them find themselves in pursuing a fascinating career, some of them – in hobbies, some – in traveling. But I have never seen that much happiness in anyone else than in Tanya, Stas, and Nika. Being together as a family lightened their faces with stunningly beautiful smiles, filled their hearts with kindness and joy and made them glow with tenderness.  To highlight this fascinating relationship we walked down the Gold Coast main beach making beautiful family portraits. Tanya, Stas, and Nika were playing in the sand, hugging, kissing, enjoying their time with each other.  This family photo shoot on Gold Coast will stay in my heart forever. I honestly feel so blessed that I was able to tell your story, guys. Everything about you is amazing, no joke! Thank you for letting me capture that!  The story of this incredible family is below.
family-photographer-sydney (6).jpg
family-photographer-sydney (1).jpg
family-photographer-gold-coast (6).jpg
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Family-photo-shoot-sydney (3).jpg
family-photographer-sutherland-shire (2).jpg
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family-photographer-northern-beaches (2).jpg
family-photographer-sydney (4).jpg
Family-photo-shoot-sydney (6).jpg
Family-photo-shoot-sydney (5).jpg
family-photographer-northern-beaches (1).jpg
family-photographer-sutherland-shire (5).jpg
Family-photo-shoot-sydney (4).jpg
baby-photographer-sydney (4).jpg
family-photographer-sydney (2).jpg
family-photographer-gold-coast (2).jpg
family-photographer-gold-coast (3).jpg
Family-photo-shoot-sydney (7).jpg
family-photographer-northern-beaches (3).jpg
family-photographer-sutherland-shire (1).jpg
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