I have to start this post off by saying a huge thank you to Alex and Inna for choosing me to capture Inna`s blessed pregnancy! I think that a pregnant woman is unbelievably beautiful, gorgeous and glowing. For couple it is a new period in their lives which makes them even more intimate and close to each other. I am beyond happy that I got to tell about this wonderful moment for them through my pictures.  Alex and Inna are an amazing couple with a great deal of love and tender between them. These two just make me smile every time I look at their pictures. They were enjoying their time together during the photo shoot and it is well-seen.  The location where we took a Sydney maternity photo shoot was Auburn Botanic Gardens with beautiful autumn trees and romantic hidden benches. We couldn't have asked for a more intimate, calm and inspiring atmosphere to express this great deal of LOVE between them.  Not so long after the shoot, they shared the great news – their daughter Maya was born. Congratulations! She is the cutest child in the world!!  I am in love with this collection of photos from this pregnancy shoot.
Photographer-sydney (2).jpg
Photoshoot-sydney (4).jpg
maternity-photo-session-sydney (1).jpg
maternity-photo-session-sydney (4).jpg
Pre-wedding-photo-sydney (1).jpg
maternity-photoshoot-sydney (4).jpg
maternity-photography-sydney (3).jpg
Photographer-sydney (1).jpg
Photographer-sydney (5).jpg
maternity-photoshoot-sydney (3).jpg
maternity-photography-sydney (1).jpg
maternity-photography-sydney (2).jpg
maternity-photo-session-sydney (2).jpg
maternity-photography-sydney (4).jpg
maternity-photography-sydney (5).jpg
maternity-photo-session-sydney (3).jpg
maternity-photoshoot-sydney (5).jpg
maternity-photoshoot-sydney (2).jpg
Photoshoot-sydney (1).jpg
Photographer-sydney (3).jpg
Photographer-sydney (4).jpg
Photoshoot-sydney (3).jpg
Pre-wedding-photo-sydney (2).jpg
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